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onsdag 19 september 2012

The Trying Tale of Cat Bed Tutorial Making (or; Cats are Always There)

This is the tale of my almost tutorial of making a use until too scratched cat bed. Most of the materials used are recycled or very cheap outlet stuff. Also, it didn't quite make it a very tutorially tutorial but rather... Well. Enjoy.

Begin yer day while the morning sun is still shining. Slaughter an old mattress and cut it into a pleasing shape, use a glue gun to keep pieces together but be careful that you don't melt the mattress if it's made of suspicious materials.

Also, make sure your selected fabric is enough for the bed. A cheap one is a nice choice. An old fleece afghan or like here, outlet on IKEA which means sillily cheap fabric. 

Fleece do collect cat hair but on the other hand, my cats love it. Another nice thing is you can just zig-zag everything, it's nice and strechy and you can fail a little and still end up with something useable.

 For the bottom I used lining fabric bought second hand, so that it wont collect too much cat hair...

Discover yer cat have claimed the bed while you cut out the bottom fabric. Pick him out.

 Cut out pieces. Just line them up on the mattress to make sure they fit. Push away or pick out the cat whenever he tries to get into the bed again. 

Another nice thing about the fleece on old mattresses; they cling to each other slightly.

 I draw lines with a felt tip pen because it's simple and clear.

End up with something like this; the bed all clothed up. Mark both mattress parts and fabric parts with numbers or something such the pieces to make sure you will be able to remember what goes where when your cat pushes it all off.

Give up picking out the cat for a moment and have lunch. 

Enjoy the sight of the other cat being jealous of the comfy bed, it just shows they'll appreciate all your hard work! Also, let him sleep there for a while and clean up some of the mess made by the other cat that played with every scrap of fabric he found on the floor and that now are scattered all over yer apartment.

 Now, spend a silly amount of time deciding what parts you will manage to sew together as they are before you start sewing it all onto the bed. Run and pick parts from the apartment that the other cat ran off with while your tried figuring it all out and feel very, very glad ye numbered them all. 

Then, start sewing, zig-zag will work perfectly in fleece. When ye have sewn together everything that is possible to sew together and still put the fabric onto the mattress it's time to start needling everything onto the bed. 

Also, sigh about the fact it's getting dark and all day is almost gone.

 Start sewing the parts together while on the bed. Lots of needles and don't be afraid to drag the fleece out quite a bit to give you the space in the sewing machine!

 This is how it looks. The needles keep the fabric in place and then I just sew a zig-zag as close to the mattress as possible. If you have stretched the fabric out properly as you needled it onto the mattress it'll bounce back nice and tight as you take the needles away.

 I trim the sewn edges with a zig-zag-patterned pair o' scissors. Also, this time remember to put it into the steady bin that the cats wont push over and run off with the scraps from.

After all that, realize you still need to sew some parts by hand because your planning wasn't that great. Give up for the night and get to bed instead.

Get up early next morning and pick the bed out of where you hid it. Check it all over, trim edges, cut off sewing threads (that the other cat always tend to eat and throw up. So inconvenient) and fix the last sewing by hand. Do ignore the glares from the cat who think you shouldn't be allowed to cuddle the bed while he aint allowed.

 Be so very happy it's finished even if it aint looking that straight and pretty (as it wouldn't stay nice for a long time anyway being scratched, chewed on, fought in, threwn up on and so forth....) 

Finally let your cat stay in the bed and watch him being all paranoid after two days of you being annoyed with him each time he hopped into it.

 Cuddle yer cat until he yet again is a happy, comfortable cat.

So, this is how you make a cheap cat bed that you don't have to worry about the fact that the cats will wreck havoc on and destroy within weeks. Enjoy! :D

(...och dagens inlägg bidde visst på engliska. Kommer inte höra till vanligheterna.)

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